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As used by many celebrities, this gentle exfoliant has been designed to prepare your skin for a beautiful, long lasting tan. The cool, green tint and light granular texture combine to rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and smooth and perfectly prepared for the perfect tan. The ultimate weapon for the perfect tan, say goodbye to dry, orange patches on elbows, ankles and feet with the Xen-Tan body scrub, which has moisturising properties so your skin is smooth and hydrated, which in turn leads to a beautiful, longer lasting tan. The key to a beautiful tan is mositure.

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a gentle exfoliant designed to successfully prepare your skin for a beautiful, longer-lasting tan. The light granular texture rejuvenates your skin leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and perfectly prepared for a flawless tan. The Scrub is ultra-comforting, yet it gets the job done right, therefore it doesn?t strip the skin or tan and is completely colour-safe so it is a must to use in between tanning.

It won?t leave an oily film or residue on the skin, thus allows the tan to develop evenly and ensures you get the best from your self-tanner every time.


  Shower using the body scrub, and dry off thoroughly.

  Be careful, with regards to the products you use to clean & exfoliate the skin, as some products can leave behind a film of oil or lotion, which can act as a barrier to the tanning ingredient.

  Do not apply moisturisers prior to the application of tanning lotions - it will dilute and diminish the effect of the fake-tan.


 Start by applying XEN TAN in a circular motion to thighs and blending down lightly over knees and then in a circular motion again around calves.

 Blend a small amount of XEN TAN in a downward motion over feet; be sure to blend around ankles.

 A good tip ? when applying to hands or feet use a cosmetic sponge or cotton wool pads, this gives a very smooth application.

Chest & Back

  Using a circular motion again blend the tan over stomach, chest, and as far around back as you can reach.

  If you want to tan your whole back cut off a piece of saran wrap 1 ? feet long and fold over to make a long strip.

  Apply dots of tanner to the strip and then use to smooth over back.

  Blend tanner over shoulders and down arms ending at the wrist. Keep arms bent so that XEN-TAN distributes evenly over elbows.

Hands & Feet

  Rinse off hands with warm water and bar soap (bar soap is more concentrated than liquid soaps) wash hands for one full minute to break down the colour. There should be no colour left between fingers.(This is one reason why XEN-TAN makes it easier to get an even tan: you can see if you didn?t finish washing it all off your hands, unlike colourless formulas.)

 A scrub brush will take off any excess from your palms and assure that nails aren't stained.

 Dry hands off thoroughly on a dark towel. For best results, wait at least ten minutes, to make sure hands are totally dry before you apply the tan.

 Apply a small amount of tanner to the backs of hands and blend with a cotton wool pad or makeup sponge.

 You can apply a bit of lotion to feet, hands and elbows after about 15 minutes to make sure they tan lightly.

Attention: Avoid contact with eyes if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Tea Lanuryl Sulfate, SD 40 Alocohol, Glycerine, Carbomer 940, Polysorbate-20, Menthol, Chamomile Extract, Nettle Extract, Sage Extract, Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Triethanolamine, Fragrance, Hydrogenated, Jojoba Oil, Micro Crystaline Wax, Methlparaben, Propylparaben, Imidazzolidinyl Urea, F,D&C Green #5, F,D&C Blue #1

Tried and tested by Miss Bollywood staff who just love them!

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XEN-TAN Body Scrub 236ml

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