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As an all-in-one wrinkle-smoothing collagen alternative, SKin Doctors Antarctilyne kicks your skin into "extreme survival mode", moisturising, reducing the appearance of of wrinkles, making your skin appear smoother, and helping to delay the unsightly signs of premature aging.

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Skin Doctors Antarctilyne Collagen Alternative Creme

Who would have thought that a scientific expedition to Antarctica, would lead to the most significant skincare discovery ever seen? Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals introduce Antarctilyne - the ultimate anti - ageing cream that increases the appearance of collagen by 114% and decreases the appearance of wrinkles by up to 44%.

  • Visibly plumps wrinkles by 44% in 30 days
  • Gives the appearance of 114% increase in collagen in just 15 days
  • Helps shield your skin against the elements
  • Gives the appearance of 17% increase in elastic.
  • Increases skin hydration by 45% after just 7 days.
  • Increases the appearance of skin firmness.
  • Increases the appearance of skin firmness.
  • Contains anti-aging sunscreen.


the incredible Antarctic discovery that has changed the face of aging forever !

Antarctilyne is a result of a recent scientific expedition to Antarctica's King George Island. Deep within the glacial ice the survivors of an ancient group of organisms were uncovered. They are known as "extremophiles" - organisms that can survive the most extreme environments - and they are causing an excited frenzy throughout the scientific world. But even more exciting is what they can do for your skin...

Plump skin without collagen injections

Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of your skin. Without them we'd literally fall apart. Collagen makes up the connective tissue of your skin and elastin forms the elastic fibres within this connective tissue. When collagen and elastin break down, so does the appearance of your skin, causing it to sag and form wrinkles - making you look older !

Scientific research has shown that this 'extremophile' can visibly firm skin when used twice a day. In fact, you'll look as if you've had a 114% increase in collagen in just 15 days. So, say goodbye to old wrinkles - they'll be smoothed an average of 44% in just 30 days.

A revolutionary skin cream with excellent protective properties

Antarctilyne will help shield your skin from the elements, preventing it from losing essential moisture and exposing it to the damaging effects of free-radicals. It's perfect protection during outdoor activities over the colder months, and exposure to home and office air-conditioning, as well as the harmful effects of smoke and other pollutants.

Forget time-consuming anti-aging regimes. As an all-in-one treatment, Antarctilyne can help you look forward to fresher, smoother, younger-looking skin. You will look as though you've frozen time - it's nature's gift from the Antarctica to you !

Directions for use

Apply to clean, dry skin, twice daily - morning and night. Just massage it lightly into your facial skin. If you are using it in conjunction with Relaxaderm-btx, apply Relaxaderm first, allowing a couple of minutes for it to be fully absorbed and then apply Antarctilyne next.


Before use, Antarctilyne should be patch tested. Test the skin's reaction by applying the cream on a small section of the treatment area and wait 24 hours before full application. If irritation or increased sensitivity is experienced discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs wash out with water and pat dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key ingredient in Antarctilyne?

The key ingredient is Antarcticine. In scientific terms, Antarcticine is a high molecular weight glycoprotein produced by a new bacterial strain - Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica AP. During cell growth it produces an expolymer of glycoprotein (76-86% protein and 8-14% sugar), and this glycoprotein is what has been named Antarcticine.

How does Antarctilyne work?

Antarctilyne goes to work on contact, where it helps promote elasticity and plump the skin, making your skin fresher and younger-looking, while smoothing wrinkles.

How often should I apply Antarctilyne ?

For best results you should apply Antarctilyne to clean, dry skin morning and night.

You should be able to see visible results after using Antarctilyne for 14 days.

How do I store Antarctilyne?

As Antarctilyne comes from an "extremophile", the key ingredient just loves being kept in very cold temperatures. So we recommend that you keep your Antarctilyne refrigerated at all times after opening it, so you can be sure that you will be getting all those amazing "survival" benefits delivered fresh to your skin every single day.

Are there any side effects?

All skin is different and you should perform a patch test before using any cream on your skin. However, in laboratory testing, Antarctyline was found to be non-irritating.

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Skin Doctors Antarctilyne Collagen Alternative Creme

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