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Transform yourself into a true Hollywood Screen Diva with these exciting eyebrow shapers. Create your own dramatic eyebrows that ooze style and sophistication as like your favourite Hollywood Screen Diva. The Screen Diva Eyebrow Shaping kit will help you achieve immaculately defined eyebrows instantly to give you that Hollywood glamour easily and effortlessly. Become a Hollywood Screen Diva by using this eyebrow shaping kit.

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Screen Diva Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Achieve celebrity style eyebrows in a matter of minutes! The eyebrow kits are easy to use and eliminate guesswork allowing you to create perfect professional eyebrows every time!

Your eyebrows define and add strength to your face, shapeless and messy eyebrows can ruin any effect you're trying to create. The eyebrow shaping kits give you control to maintain your eyebrows and fit in with your lifestyle saving you time and money. Here's what you could save; if your paying ?10 for each visit to your beauty salon and visiting once every 3 weeks, in a year you could save over ?170!

5 kits available; Legend, Bollywood Screen Diva, Screen Diva, Pop Diva and Super Model.

"Screen Diva" kit inspired by: Cameron, Catherine, Gwenyth, Nicole and Halle.

Cameron Diaz Cameron

The dazzling Cameron has graced the front covers of many of the world's fashion, media and film magazines. With her stunning looks and modeling based poise and elegance, it is no surprise that she is in constant demand in the Hollywood circuit. This stencil is inspired by Cameron is a thinner width, angular-arch eyebrow that's well suited for face which is oval in shape ("Angular-arch" means there's a definite peak in the arch and may be contrasted with a rounded arch where the peak isn't obvious.) Here's a stencil that's ideal for women who want a definite arch without being overly dramatic.
Catherine Zeta Jones Catherine

Certain actresses rise rapidly in Hollywood as a result of the undeniable fact (among many other things!) that their looks are stunning. Such good looks certainly contributed to the meteoric rise of this Welsh actress. It is said that many a critic were scrambling through the thesaurus to find synonyms for striking and gorgeous to describe this beauty in her breakout performance in 1998 of "The Mask of Zorro". Redefine yourself with a unique stencil inspired by Catherine. It's one of our most highly requested eyebrows; a beauty must have!
Gwenyth Paltrow Gwenyth

Consistently topping People Magazine's Best- dressed list and described as "This years Audrey Hepburn" in 2000, this Hollywood siren is known for her timeless classic styling. No detail overlooked, Gwyneth's perfect eyebrows are thin yet subtly arched to create a beautifully natural look. Those that have overplucked can ease their way back to a full set of brows by starting with this gently rounded arch. This stencil is a must have for those with an oval face shape.
Nicole Kidman Nicole

People Magazine recently named Nicole as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Some fans here at Miss Bollywood are inclined to put her in the top 10, but let's not argue numbers! She's dynamite by anyones yardstick! Besides, we're here to talk eyebrows! With their beautifully muted arch, this eyebrow stencil would give a stunning effect on many people, especially those with a round face shape.
Halle Berry Halle

Former beauty queen, spokesmodel and bond girl, this doe eyed beauty is firmly established as one of the most glamorous actresses on the screen today. Halle has an exquisite natural beauty. This curved eyebrow shape brings emphasis to whatever your eyes are saying. This ever popular Eyebrowz stencil inspired by Halle can be worn by any face shape for a look that is undeniably stunning.

Key benefits of the stencil kits
  • No need to visit a beauty salon possibly, ever again!
  • Saves on beauty salon charges and parking fees!
  • Convenient, maintain your perfect eyebrow shape at home or on holiday.
  • 5 celebrity stencil shapes in each kit.
  • Stencils are re-useable unlike others on the market.

Tricks of the Trade
  • For best results use slant-edged tweezers with a slightly textured, rough point that grasps the hair easily.
  • If plucking is too painful, why not try applying baby?s teething gel to temporarily numb the area.
  • Sharpen blunt tweezers can be brought back to life by simply rubbing the inner tips with sandpaper.
  • Tweezers should be held at a 45-degree angle and pluck the stray hairs below the brow line. Always pull in the direction of the hair growth, or you may end up breaking the hair mid-shaft.
  • Pluck before going to bed so if there is any redness it will calm down while you?re asleep.
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Screen Diva Eyebrow Shaping Kit

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