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GLAM-X by Miss Bollywood is a new range of liquid foundations especially formulated for Indian, Asian and Ethnic Skin tones. The unique complex gives an exceptional flawless finish leaving skin noticeably softer, brighter and more radiant. GLAM-X is ultra smooth, lightweight, contains Vitamin E to nourish, Aloe Vera to moisturise and SPF to protect and is ideal for every day use. Choose from 6 fabulous colours for stunting results with minimum fuss which leave your skin feeling younger, brighter and more radiant!

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GLAM-X Foundation for Asian & Ethnic Skin - 30ml

Foundation especially designed and formulated for Asian skin tones. GLAM-X from Miss Bollywood is a revolutionary liquid formula combines our very own unique complex to give an exceptional flawless finish leaving skin noticeably softer, brighter and more radiant. GLAM-X is ultra smooth, lightweight, contains Vitamin E to nourish, Aloe Vera to moisturise and SPF to protect and is ideal for every day use.

Available in 6 natural shades to ideally match your own skin tone.

Key Benefits


  • Provides a smooth and even coverage
  • Medium SPF sun protection
  • Offers optimal hydration & comfort all day
  • Ultra-soft texture facilitates easy application
  • Creates an even-toned & perfectly flawless finish
  • Leaves a soft matt natural finish providing a luminous and fresh glow
  • Contains Aloe Vera for even the most sensitive skins
  • Specifically formulated for Asian and Ethnic skin tones
  • Pumped dispenser to stop contamination


Choosing the right colour foundation

Start by understanding what tone your skin is, the most common Asian skin tones are; Beige to Yellow and Gold to Olive. Using makeup with the wrong colour undertone gives a "cake like finish" and you will never achieve the result you're after. 


Equivalent colours to Supercover makeup.

Beige to Yellow skin tones
Golden Dusk - Supercover No.7
Arabian Glow - Supercover No.15

Gold to Olive Skin tones
Caramel - Supercover No.17
Bronze Shimmer - Supercover No.38
Brown Sugar - Supercover No.39
Cocoa - Supercover No.41

by Tahmina KhatunDate Added: Saturday 14 June, 2008

I have brought this foundation and LOVE IT!!! the shade in caramel is perfect has all the yellow tones i need for my skin however as much i love it for the colour the durability is very poor it is very thick and paste like and when applied it gives very little coverage and it\'s not build-able if you apply once and try to build on it the foundation crumbles away like dirt, i must give the product 10/10 for colour but they need to work on the coverage and texture if they improve those factors and make the foundation more like Mac they will be a massive hit in my books i spends 100s like other Asian women on trying to find a right colour match Mac - Doir tried it all but found one \"Glam X\" but it is lacking in quality but colour is perfect so if they improve on that then i most certainly i will buy another bottle i have recommended it to friends.


by shazia hassamDate Added: Friday 16 May, 2008

Dear Shazia, thank you for your feedback. We will be introducing much lighter shades in the very near future. The flawless finish will only truely show if the colour of the foundation matched your skin tone. You cannot say it is not flawless as you did not have the right shade. The samples are exactly for this purpose; to allow you to test the product in the comfort of your home. Miss Bollywood.

This Product is horendious! im shocked that this colour did not blend very well with my skin tone,i had bought caramel and it\'s quite dark as im fair skinned and it showed how light it was,i suggest you give a wider range of lighter colours! ive got nothing more to say ,as i am quite upset!you said it gives a flawlless effect itz no way Near it! i advise all of you for your own benefit to get the free tester and see for youself.

by Rami SinghDate Added: Wednesday 19 March, 2008

There are many shades in Asian skin tone. I am very fair skined Indian with combination skin, who gets red immediately in sun, brown subsequently and even 'Caramel' in Glam X was quite a few shades darker than my complexion! A bit disappointing! I still tried the foundation without primer. It has a smooth texture and spreads nicely and evenly and gives good coverage, so I was pleased. But I did not find it 'matte' on my skin, so had to apply versace dusting powder. I felt the need to reapply the foundation and dusting powder after couple of hours as it was seeping in my skin. I did have to reapply it three times in the day, whereas with Smashbox primer I never have to reapply foundation even in rain. But all throughout the day my face looked many shades darker than my neck.

I have been using Smashbox photofinish primer, Versace foundation and Versace dusting powder and Versace shimmer and Chanel foundation for 6-7 years after having tried and used many shades of Mac, Borghese, Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc.

I find Glam X very reasonably priced foundation with good coverage, unfortunately not a match for my skin tone and texture. My initial thought was if I find a foundation that allows me to skip putting primer it will save me time -waiting for the primer to dry for few minutes before applying foundation- and be cost effective too, even though cost was just a thought not a concern at all. But for me it seems for now I will be using Smashbox primer and Versace and Chanel foundation as that has been the best so far for me. I may buy Glam X in caramel in summer, but will only put it with the Smashbox primer as that works better for my skin.

by Gurcharn KhambayDate Added: Tuesday 04 March, 2008

I got the samples but to be honest, i didn\'t think they gave me as much even coverage as they claim to do. Disappointing. ----- Dear Gurcharn many thanks for your feedback and trying the samples. The coverage is dependent on your skin type and density of any blemishes or dark areas. If you require further information please email and we would be happy to answer any questions

by Hollie PageDate Added: Friday 22 February, 2008

I've tried many different foundations from many well known brands. And felt that Glam-X was a foundation that I could apply on with ease and gave me the best coverage.

by Davina GillDate Added: Friday 22 February, 2008

I was very surprised to find a foundation which suited asian skin tones. On the high street it was very difficult for me to find the correct tone to match my skin. Once I heard about Glam-X I ordered my Free sample, and was very surprised with the result.

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GLAM-X by Miss Bollywood Foundation for Asian Skin - 30ml

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