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Now you can change the look of your Corioliss C2 straightener to suit your mood! Choose from the exciting range of "skins" which simply clip on to the newly designed bare C2 straightener. Choose from 6 Corioliss skins; Cherries, Skulls, Rock 'n' Roll, Strawberries and Cream, Union Jack and Zebra.

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Corioliss Skins for Bare C2 Straighteners

Corioliss has continued to introduce amazing technology and gained incredible media awards including 'Product innovation of the year' and 'Product that you can't live without.'

Their C2 hair straighteners are the next generation hair tools.

The Corioliss' C2 hair straightener uses solid titanium plates with Nano Silver technology, a first in the UK market.

Groundbreaking science, the Nano Silver technology is sprayed on to the plates so when the hair straighteners are used it produces a film on top of the plate that cleans and Kills 99.9% of bacteria in your hair. Now you can clean and style your hair at the same time.

The C2 hair straighteners plates amazingly expand when heated to guarantee perfect alignment when straightening. They also give off negative ion energy, which keeps the hair smooth and silky whilst allowing maximum styling capabilities.

Corioliss C2 Ultra Slim Digital Straighteners are available in: Bare, Black, Gold, Silver, Zebra, Cherries, Rock 'n' Roll, Strawberries, Skulls and Leopard.

Tried and tested by Miss Bollywood staff who just love them!

by Zoe MacDonaldDate Added: Monday 01 December, 2008

I am pleased to say that i have made 100% the right choice picking my new pair of straighteners. I was so nervous about buying a different make of straighteners instead of GHDs.. stupid i know but i always felt safe with GHDs. But having rang different salons and spoke to a numerous of people, Corioliss was top choice. Many people said they were better than GHDs (they are only the best because of their name.. so true) and i can quite honestly believe that. The good thing about Corioliss is that you can personalise the irons with different skins, which makes them so much more funky and also they switch themselves off after half an hour if they are left on (thats a very ideal thing for me!). I have ordered myself a pair which should be here withing 2 working days, and i sooo cannot wait !! Oh and as for this website, i am very very pleased with it and i will be visiting this website more often...Love it !!!!!

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Corioliss Skins for C2 Bare Ultra Slim Hair Straighteners

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