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Blinc Eyeliner adds intense long-lasting color, original "colour layer" concept, cannot fade, flake, clump, run or smudge. Does not penetrate your skin, sensitive eyes and contact lens safe. The only eyeliner to be sold by laser eye surgery centers, does not leave tint or residue so there's no build-up on your skin, no reapplication required, stays on until you are ready to take it off, no makeup remover required. Available in 3 colours

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Blinc Professional Liquid Eyeliner

Brush it on...Slide it off!



You apply Blinc just like a regular liquid eyeliner. Its precision brush makes it as easy as using a pencil! It is important that you do not use moisturizers, foundations, etc... before applying the eyeliner. Blinc requires a dry, clean surface in order to adhere properly. When Blinc sets (about 1 minute), it will form an intense water-resistant layer of color that lasts as long as you want it to last.


With Blinc, you will not have to re-apply eyeliner throughout the day. Whether your daily activities take you from the office, to your workout and then out to dinner, Blinc will look as good in the evening as it did when you first applied it in the morning. Did you know that most eyeliner sensitivities occur because of gradual flaking into the eye? Blinc's non-flaking properties make it ideal for active people, contact lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes, recent permanent makeup candidates and/or laser eye surgery patients...just to name a few.


When it's time to remove, Blinc only requires a combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure. Pressure alone is not enough, and water alone is not enough. You can enjoy a good workout with the confidence that your eyeliner isn't running along with your sweat! So...lots of warm water AND then gentle pressure, for example when taking a shower, will make the eyeliner effortlessly slide off, without leaving any tint or residue behind. You will actually see the eyeliner layers come off into your hand! Since nothing is left behind, there is no long term paint build-up or penetration, making Blinc healthier for your skin. Also, because there is no need for harmful eye makeup removers, using Blinc is also healthier for your entire eye area since you do will not be rubbing the most sensitive part of your face.


Original slide it off concept, No Fading, No flaking, No running, No clumping, No smudging, Tenacious all-day hold, Rich texture, No skin penetration, No re-application required until removal, Will not smear or fade even if you rub your eyes, No makeup remover required, Thin container design which slows down impurity buildup in bottle, No tint or residue left behind upon removal, Less likely for eye irritation to occur, Less likely for eye infection to occur, Safer for contact lens wearers, No compromise between look & hold & ease of removal, Specially designed precision brush for easy application, Compact tube for easy travel.

by Amy TimewellDate Added: Monday 17 May, 2004

This stuff is really good - it's not clumpy at all and separates every lash really well.

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Blinc Professional Liquid Eyeliner

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